Chhattisgarh villagers live in fear of wild elephants

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Samaruma (Chhattisgarh), Apr 19 (ANI): The residents of Chhattisgarh's Samaruma village are worried, as wild elephants in the region have created havoc.

More than 25 elephants blocked the traffic on the Raigarh-Jashpur National Highway 200 leaving travellers stranded for more than two hours on Saturday.

Earlier, villagers had reported that the herd of elephants destroyed their crops, which they grew on eight-ten acres of land.

The villagers now have to keep a check on the movement of wild elephants in the forests and prevent them coming near their villages.

"We see, whenever they come, we come to know that elephants have come because we take rounds in the forest...everyday...24 hours. They come at night as well as in daylight. We keep a track of elephants...where did they go...where did they come from. I go to the village and tell everybody," said Amilal, a resident.

The State's forest department is taking several measures to improve the situation such as providing torches to the villagers.

""The village Manora (near Jashpur district), in which flash lights have been installed...that's a solar light. Throughout the day, it gets charged and works at night. That has resulted in the elephants, not coming in the region. Therefore, I guess...our seniors talked in Hyderabad, and their teams will install the lights as soon as possible," said Raman Somavar, Forest Ranger.

Decreasing water levels and deforestation had led to elephants and other animals moving into human habitations at the edges of forested areas. (ANI)

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