South African crime lord's fake penis falls off in drug raid

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Melbourne, January 11 (ANI): A crime lord in South Africa suffered embarrassment when his fake penis fell after he got busted during a drug raid.

Fat Murphy, booked for possession of stolen property, later revealed in the court that he was hermaphrodite who holds both male and female identity documents.

Police said that they were searching the crime lord, feared on the streets of Cape Town's notorious Cape Flats suburb, when a strap-on dildo fell off his body, reports Sunday Times.

"I had a vagina that could not be penetrated. But I also had male organs, testes. But I always knew I was really a man and that was what I wanted to be," the Courier Mail quoted Murphy as telling the court.

He added: "God created me with both sexual organs. It was God's decision, not mine."

He claims he received his male identity documents, under the name 'Fadwaan', after undergoing surgery to remove his female organs when he was in his teens.

His female identity documents is under the name 'Hillary.'

However, police has found no records of his sex change surgery.

Murphy had even offered the cops 9,100 rand to not search him during the raid.

At present, Murphy has been released on 300 rand bail. (ANI)

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