'Anti-war' Prince Charles campaigned to stop Iraq invasion

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London, Jan. 3 (ANI): Prince Charles was dead against former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's decision to take the country to war in Iraq, and he broke all the unwritten rules of monarchy to influence senior politicians to stop the war.

Charles launched an anti-war campaign behind the closed doors, and called Blair "our glorious leader".

"The prince thought Blair was making a big mistake and he made his stance clear to influential people and politicians. He believed it would be a disaster to send in British troops and he was proved right," News of the World quoted one senior source, as saying.

"This is about the decision to go to war given what was known at the time. He thinks it was wrong and made his position clear, then and now. He was scathing about Mr Blair and sarcastically called him 'our glorious leader'. It was a running joke," he added.

Sources also revealed that Charles blamed then American President George W Bush for taking wrong policy decisions.

"The prince fundamentally disagreed with Bush and his administration. He thought the approach was all wrong and was baffled by the man and his policies. Frankly Bush scared him to death," another source said.

In the lengthy run-up to war, Charles pressed repeatedly for a rethink of the decision to invade Iraq.

He also made visits to Arab countries and voiced his growing concern to global political figures hoping they could influence the debate.

A senior figure with intimate knowledge of Charles' affairs said: "He is respected, particularly in the Arab world, as somebody who is prepared to listen and to influence. He obvious imparts that knowledge to the people that matter. He certainly made his views clear before the invasion and since."

"Perhaps if the government of the day had listened it may have turned out differently and for the better," he added. (ANI)

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