Zawahiri asks Pakistanis to support insurgents against US 'crusade'

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Islamabad, July 15 (ANI): In an apparent bid to garner the support of people against the US,Al-Qaeda has asked Pakistani civilians to help insurgents in their battle against the US-led 'crusade'.

In a video released by Qaeda's second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Pakistanis have been urged to support the fight against the US, which according to him, is threatening the 'country's existence'.

The video titled "My Muslim Brothers and Sisters in Pakistan" showed Zawahiri asking the youth of the nation to join the fight against the US.

Zawahiri said the US intervention in Pakistan's military and politics could break up the nuclear-armed country.

"The American crusader manipulation of Pakistan's destiny has reached such an extent that it now poses a grave danger to Pakistan's future and very existence," the eight minute video showed Zawahiri, as saying.

"It is evident that Pakistan is deeply involved in a fierce internal struggle between two forces- one representing 'Islamic values' and the other being the US-led 'crusade' to neutralize fighters threatening Western interests," he said.

The video which has been dubbed in English language was posted several jihadist web forums on Tuesday, The Nation reports.

"If we stand by passively without offering due support to the mujahedeen, we shall not only contribute to the destruction of Pakistan and Afghanistan, but we shall also deserve the painful punishment of Almighty Allah," Zawahiri added.

Zawahiri's latest video comes nearly a year after he had announced a 'jihad' (holy war) against the South Asian nations in August 2008. (ANI)

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