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Palin will still run for president in 2012: US conservative commentator

By Super Admin

New York, July 7 (ANI): Well known conservative political commentator and radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has said that while he is flummoxed by Sarah Palin's decision to resign as Alaska Governor on July 26, he retains a gut feeling that she will run for the office of US president in 2012.

"As far as I know, nobody in Palin's camp or Palin herself has said what the hell this is about and why she's doing this. If Sarah Palin has any desire to do a TV show, to do speeches, to raise money, to earn money - whatever it's for - if she has any desire for a future, be it in politics, be it in media or whatever, she's going to have to do it in the Lower 48. She cannot do it in Alaska," the New York Daily News quoted Limbaugh, 58, as saying.

"All I know is that she is going to continue to fire-up people in the conservative Republican base as often as she speaks to 'em," he added.

Palin, the vanquished 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee, announced Friday she would be stepping down as Alaska's governor 16 months before her term expires.

In her resignation speech, she spoke vaguely about hoping to "effect positive change outside of government."

Neither she nor her aides have spelled out her future plans.

Meanwhile, according to the Washington Post, online supporters of Palin are also stunned by her resignation, and are glued to the Internet catching up on any news related to her.

Some have thronged the online-enabled, Facebook to post their comments on Palin's official fan page.

While some have congratulated Palin on her courageous decision to quit, there are others who are yet to get used to the idea.

Google searches for Palin have spiked to their highest levels since the election.

Palin, without a doubt, is a singular online attraction.

Within 24 hours of her announcement to quit, her Facebook fan page added nearly 100,000 new fans.

Palin's page lists more than 605,000 fans.

Palin has posted 19 tweets on her Twitter account since Friday's announcement. More than 75,000 people follow Palin on the micro-blogging site. (ANI)

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