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Swine flu spins out of control in UK; 100,000 more cases expected each day

By Super Admin

London, July 3 (ANI): British Health Minister Andy Burnham has told the House of Commons here that the swine flu pandemic is so out of control, that there could be more than 100,000 new cases each day by the end of next month.

UK infections, he said, were already doubling every week and overworked doctors have said that they will no longer test for the virus.

Instead, patients will be urged to stay at home and call NHS Direct for advice.

According to The Sun, those with the most serious symptoms and patients with dangerous underlying conditions, like respiratory illness, will be given Tamiflu. The anti-viral drug cuts the severity of the illness.

Patients will choose a "flu friend" who will be given a number so they can pick up drugs from a collection point. This should help prevent the spread of the virus.

Those with milder signs may be told to lower their temperature by taking paracetamol and fluids. The Government has 60 million doses of vaccine, enough for half the country.

There are currently 7,447 cases and three people have died. They include six-year-old Sameerah Ahmad from Birmingham.

The current policy shows the disease's spread cannot be contained. (ANI)

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