The A to Z of UK leadership's gravy train revealed

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London, May 9 (ANI): British MPs have put in claims for items from the common to the bizarre. Now, The Sun has presented their own ABC list of greed.

A is for AGA: A Tory charged 160 pounds for his annual Aga service.

B is for BREAD BIN: Labour backbencher claimed for a 20 pounds one in 2007.

C is for CAT FOOD: One animal-loving female Conservative MP claimed 78p for two tins of Cesar Chicken and Turkey pet food and 3.69 pounds for Iams Senior.

D is for DYSON: Animal vacuum cleaner, 299.99 pounds, claimed by a meticulous Lib Dem MP in 2005.

E is for ELEPHANT LAMPS: Two for 134.30 pounds, bought by well-known Tory front-bencher and EYELINER: 2.50 pounds, from Boots, bought by female Lib Dem in 2005.

F is for FARROW AND BALL PAINT: Charged by a Tory shadow minister as part of a 1,775 pounds interior house painting claim for his home in the country.

G is for GINGER CRINKLE BISCUITS: 67p, bought by a peckish Labour backbencher in 2007.

H is for HORSE MANURE: One particularly wealthy Tory MP charged 10 pounds for a bag of manure for his country retreat.

I is for IKEA CARRIER BAG: 5p, claimed by a Labour MP in his Scottish constituency and ICE CUBE TRAY: 1.50 pounds, bought by a former Labour Cabinet minister from M and S in 2008.

J is for JAFFA CAKES: 1.60 pounds for two packs, charged by an outspoken junior minister in 2004 and JELLIED EELS: £1.31, claimed by Essex-based MP.

K is for KIT KAT: Bought from the minibar of a central London hotel by Labour minister Hazel Blears.

L is for LOO SEAT: John Prescott bought a pair in the space of a year for his constituency home.

M is for MAKE-UP MIRROR: 19.95 pounds, by Revlon, bought from John Lewis by a middle-aged female Labour MP and

MOLES: Tory grandee asked 35 pounds a quarter for a mole catcher at his country pile.

N is for NEEDLEPOINT RUG: Millionaire MP Barbara Follett claimed 528.75 pounds for cleaning and repair of the ornate Chinese floor covering. She was granted 300 pounds.

O is for ODD JOBS: A Lib Dem frontbencher claimed for 77 pounds paid for a handyman to fix a rope on his swinging chair and other small jobs.

P is for PIZZA WHEEL: 3 pounds, bought from a Bodum shop in Oxfordshire by Tory backbencher.

Q is for QUICHE DISH: Part of a 110-piece dinner set bought on eBay for 155 pounds by a Labour backbencher's wife.

R is for RATS: A well-heeled Labour MP claimed 199 pounds a quarter for visits from Rentokil to deal with a rat and mouse infestation at her London home.

S is for SHAMPOO: 1.65 pounds, claimed by a balding Labour backbencher in 2007.

T is for TAMPAX: Two packs at 1.11 pounds each, claimed by a male Conservative MP who lost his seat in 2005.

U is for UTENSILS: Potato peeler, 4.50 pounds, claimed by a member of the Tory front bench.

V is for VILEDA SUPERMOP: 4.99 pounds, claimed by a moustachioed Labour MP in 2005.

W is for WEED KILLER: 3.49 pounds, from Focus DIY, bought by a Labour MP and part-time handyman.

X is X-RATED MOVIES: Ordered by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's husband Richard, two for 10 pounds.

Y is for YUCCA PLANT: 9.99 pounds from Homebase, bought by a home-loving Lib Dem member for his constituency home.

Z is for ZANUSSI OVEN: 337.18 pounds, bought by a knighted Conservative MP from B and Q in 2007. (ANI)

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