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Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston agree to jointly raise their son Tripp

By Super Admin

New York, May 7 (ANI): After the much-publicized fight between Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, it has now emerged that the two of them have agreed to jointly raise their son Tripp.

Both, Palin, 18, and Johnston, 19, revealed their child-rearing rapprochement in duelling morning television show appearances.

"She seems to trust me a little bit more," the New York Daily News quoted Johnston as saying on CBS News' 'The Early Show'.

"And, you know, things are going pretty smooth now. So we'll see what happens, and hopefully, you know, she holds to her word on that," he said.

Palin revealed on NBC's 'Today' show that her former-fiancé was now an active participant in raising their son.

"I'd love for Levi to be a part of his life," she added.

Johnston's comment about Bristol's parents being aware of the couple's pre-marital hanky-panky had left Alaska Governor Sarah Palin upset.

And his revelation about the Palins keeping his family away from seeing Tripp in the hospital, and treating him like "trailer trash", further aggravated the situation.

But Bristol's dad Todd said on May 6 that Johnston had a place in his grandson's life.

"They're working out a schedule.... I know both of them will love and care for their son together," he stated. (ANI)

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