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China developing 'disruptive' technologies for nuclear, space and cyber warfare: US

By Super Admin

London, Mar 26 (ANI): A US Defence Department report has said that China is developing "disruptive" technologies for nuclear, space and cyber warfare, resulting in the shifting of military balance in Asia which would have implications beyond the region.

The Pentagon report criticises Beijing again for showing no transparency in reporting on its military spending and security policy, but welcomed the rise of a peaceful, stable and prosperous China.

The report comes after a confrontation between US and Chinese ships in South China Sea, during which China accused the US of spying.

China is successfully managing to expand its arsenal of sophisticated weapons, even though its ability to sustain military power at a distance remains limited, The BBC quots the report, as saying.

Chinese "armed forces continue to develop and field disruptive military technologies, including nuclear, space, and cyber warfare," the report said.

Territorial claims from China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei, ietnam and Malaysia overlap in the resource-rich sea

China says the US was in its Exclusive Economic Zone, but the two sides disagree on what activities are allowed in the EEZ

Some of these developments help China to participate in international peacekeeping, humanitarian and counter-piracy missions, it acknowledged.

But they could also allow China to "project power to ensure access to resources or enforce claims to disputed territories," the report said.

The Pentagon analysis said China is developing weapons that would disable its enemies" space technology such as satellites, boosting its electromagnetic warfare and cyber-warfare capabilities and continuing to modernise its nuclear arsenal. (ANI)

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