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Take safety measures while installing gas geyser

By Super

Ludhiana, Oct 26: LPG based water heaters, popularly known as gas geysers are safe and efficient provided adequate safety measures are taken during installation and use.

In the absence of adequate safety feature as well as lack of safety education, these can cause accidents and even lead to deaths.

Geyser: Representational Image

Precautions while selecting, installing these geysers are necessary for safety.

While selecting gas geyser take into consideration the safety features which include flame failure device, over-heat protection device, gas and water stability device and incomplete combustion safety device and oxygen depletiong sensor device.

According to studies conducted by Punjab Agricultural University's (PAUs), Department of Family Resource Management, gas geysers should only be installed in areas like kitchen, living room, utility rooms, halls and passageway where ventilation can be achieved.

Carbon mono-oxide fumes can lead to suffocation/ asphyxiation.

Lack of proper ventilation in the bathroom will result in accumulation of carbon mono-oxide fumes which can lead to suffocation/asphyxiation.

[Bengaluru shocker: Woman, son, die after inhaling poisonous carbon monoxide from Geyser]

Carbon mono-oxide is a colourless, odourless toxic gas formed due to incomplete combustion. Carbon mono-oxide poisoning occurs during winter months when hot water is used in households.

Sources of this gas include smoke from fires, misuse of non-electric cooking and heating devices burning fuel.


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