Jolie finds hectic lifestyle much easier than a regular career

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London, May 27 : With twins on the way, and four kids already to take care of plus her glittering career, Angelina Jolie may seem to be a person who has her hands full all the time. However, the actress reveals that it's not quite the case.

Jolie, who's role in 'The Changeling' is already creating Oscar buzz, said that her lifestyle is not as hectic as it looks.

In fact, she's 'very, very lucky' to have a job where she can work when she wants and sit at home when she wants.

"I'm very, very lucky. A lot of mothers don't have a job where they can just work a few months in a year and then come out for two days for a press conference," The Sun quoted her, as saying.

"My schedule is very small in comparison when it comes to hours so I can afford to spend as much time as possible with my children."

The star also reveals that when she is working, her A-list Hollywood beau Brad Pitt stays at home with the kids, and when he's working, it's her time not to make movies.

"When I'm working, Brad's home with the children and vice versa," she said.

And though they have nannies to help them out, the couple are adamant about them only being part-time help.

"We do have nannies that help us, but nobody spends the night. We also spend a lot of time completely alone with our children. We've kind of found a balance," she said.

"And this year I'm taking off completely for the family."

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