Seven parties meet to discuss new government formation

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Kathmandu, May 9 (UNI) The meeting of the seven parties is to be held in Kathmandu today to discuss the formation of a new government and first Constituent Assembly (CA) to be convened within a few days time.

The political parties have said that they would declare Nepal a republic and abolish monarchy from the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly.

Almost all the members elected during the CA polls last month supported the idea of republic and abolition of monarchy.

Not a single candidate advocating monarchy could win a seat in the CA election, however, a few have been able to get seat under the proportionate system.

Leaders of the Maoists, which emerged as the largest party with 220 seats in the 601 member CA, have said that there would be no compromise to declare Nepal a republic and abolish monarchy.

One of the reasons of the Maoists victory in the election was its clear statement - the abolition of monarchy.

Other major parties including the Nepali Congress and UML also supported the declaration of republic and abolition of monarchy.

''There is no any possibility of saving monarchy,'' said Mr Prachanda, chairman of the Maoists. The Interim parliament has already endorsed the proposal of declaring Nepal a republic and abolition of monarchy.

''The first meeting of the parliament will implement that decision,'' said Mr Prachanda in an interview to the BBC recently.

The Maoists have given time to suspended King Gyanendra to leave the Narayanhity Royal palace within a month. If he paves the way then Gyanendra and his relatives can live a gracious life, he said.

Another important issue of today's seven parties meeting is to discuss the formation of new government.

Maoists want the formation of new government under its leadership, however, other major political paries have said that the Maoists should form the government either getting consensus with all the parties or in accordance with the Constitution.

According to the Constitution, no party can form a government without getting two-third majority or political consensus. Maoist has not got even a simple majority.

Other parties specially Nepali Congress and UML want to amend the Constitution changing the provision to simple majority to form and throw out the government. The Maoists oppose that proposal.

If the Maoists form the government in the present context no other political party can dismiss their government even with majority.


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