Meet on coated steel throws light on global,domestic market

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Jamshedpur, Feb15 (UNI) Global and Indian market scenario of coated products was discussed on the second day of the three-day International seminar on Coated Steel, jointly organised by the Jamshedpur chapter of The Indian Institute of Metals(IIM) and Tata Steel here today.

During the technical presentations, the first session was chaired by Mr. R. Bleeker from Corus RD&T (Netherlands). Dr. Shantanu Chakrabarti and Mr. B.N Sen from Tata Steel spoke about major concerns on the production of galvanized sheet and rebars.

The next session, chaired by Prof. A.S. Khanna from IIT-Bombay, was on the pretreatment process, where new chrome-free passivation was discussed with emphasis on environmental hazards of using hexavalent chromium in pretreatment process.

The penultimate session on colour coated steel was chaired by Mr.

Arif Humayun from BIEC, USA, in which the aesthetic part of coated steel was discussed.

The last session, chaired by Prof. C. Esling from Metz University of France, focused on the characterization and properties of coated steel, in which the participants debated on the issues related to the physical and industrial metallurgy of coated steel.

Altogether 23 papers were presented from Tata Steel Limited, Corus (Netherlands), Henkel (USA), Chemetall GmbH (Germany), Danieli(Italy) and Becker(Sweden) during the day.


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