Why are people worried about the Arabisation of Kerala?

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Thiruvananthapuram, Aug 1: The case of the missing persons in Kerala who are suspected to have joined the ISIS has raked up major discussions and debates on the rapid Arabisation of the state. The Gulf connect to the state has done more harm than good. Gone are those days when the Gulf link was only related to money being remitted into the state.

The past couple of years has seen the Gulf culture being imported into the state and in many areas this has done more harm than good. While the Wahhabi scholars made several trips into the state, the number of self financed religious institutions too began to grow.

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The Arabisation of Kerala worries many

The parents of those who have gone missing and suspected to have joined the ISIS share their pain while pointing out that they saw the change occurring in their children. They had stop watching movies and would tell the parents too to follow suit failing which they would end up in hell.

One of the missing persons, Hafeezuddin had refused to touch his father's vehicle as it was purchased on loan. He would say lending money for interest is anti Islam.

Importing the Saudi Arabian culture

If one looks at the profile of those alleged to have joined the ISIS, it is clear that they were educated and from well do to families. Ayesha, who was born Sonia Sebastin is one among the many who have gone missing.

She converted to Islam and then took a decision to go away from Kerala. She has an MBA degree from a college in Bengaluru. Another case relates to a dental student, Nimisha who went on to become Fathima.

The families blame the Saudi influence in the state for the problem. The police, on the other hand, say that there are many self financed religious institutions that have come up. In many of these institutions, the preachings are radical in nature.

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This has led to the extensive use of the purdah by women and the men have started questioning the good life that their families lead.

They have been made to believe that they need to be part of a group that is fighting for the establishment of a Caliphate and the implementation of the Sharia law. The Wahhabi preachers who lecture at such institutions constantly drill the point into their head that unless they give up the good life and fight for Islam, their lives are being wasted.

In addition to this many Mosques which are designed on the lines of those in Saudi Arabia too have come up. There is a large amount of money that is being pumped in from Saudi Arabia to have mosques run by the Wahhabi school of thought.

While on one hand the blame is on Saudi Arabia, on the other there are the likes of Abdul Nasar Madani who have only added to the problem. Madani facing charges in a terror case was known for his fiery speeches in which he would point out only Islam can liberate India.

There are many others too who were part of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India who have spoke on similar lines with a large aim of radicalising the youth.

Police say that there have been many let ups in the past and the time has now come to clean up the mess.

First and foremost we need to regulate these self financed religious institutions and ensure that they are not teaching radical Islam. Further the preachers who come in from Saudi Arabia must be prevented. Mosques being constructed on money sent by the Wahhabis too must immediately be stopped, police officials also added.

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