PDP’s concern for flood-victims limited to newspapers: NC

Written by: Amit Sharma
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Srinagar Dec 20: National Conference on Saturday said that PDP's concern for the flood-victims was limited to newspapers and press-statements and that PDP preferred its own political rehabilitation over the flood-victim rehabilitation at a time when hundreds and thousands of people in the state were in urgent need of relief and rehabilitation measures.

NC Spokesman Junaid Azim Mattu said that PDP's act of foisting elections over the people of J&K in the immediate aftermath of such an unprecedented natural calamity had clearly exposed PDP's lack of empathy for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.


"PDP leaders are now trying to hide their guilt by issuing a statement after another over the flood victims now that elections are past us. Where was PDP's concern for the flood victims when the party went against a sweeping consensus in the State that elections should be delayed so that the flood relief and rehabilitation efforts don't come to a grinding halt due to the Model Code of Conduct? Because of this single act of treachery against the people of J&K, PDP has added another medal of dishonor to its long list of betrayals with the people of our State", the NC Spokesman said.

The NC Spokesman lashed out at PDP Members of Parliament for failing to dispense their basic duties during the devastating floods and said all three PDP MPs were not only absconding from the Valley during the floods but also ran to New Delhi the very next day after the floods to camp there and lobby for immediate elections.

"The priorities of PDP are very clear and have always been very clear. Their priorities were clear in 2008, in 2010 and now in 2014. PDP finds no inhibition in baying for political power in the midst of misery and suffering. The party doesn't wait a second for the mourning to get over and starts demanding political power even before the weeping and wailing has stopped. Thankfully the people of the State have seen through PDP's rhetoric and have judged the party based on its true colors in these Assembly Elections. The results of these elections should serve as a wake-up call for PDP", the NC Spokesman further added.

Reiterating NC's commitment for the dignified and effective rehabilitation of the flood victims irrespective of politics and elections, the NC Spokesman said the NC-Led Government had submitted a Relief and Rehabilitation package of 44,000 crores to the Central Government and that NC would continue to demand its approval without any further delay so that appropriate compensation could be dispensed for the reconstruction of houses, re-establishment of affected businesses and the reconstruction of damaged public infrastructure in the State.

"Our commitment to the flood victims is bereft of any politics. We will remain committed to the cause of the flood victims till the last flood victim is fully rehabilitated and goes back to this normal, routine life as it existed before the floods. Our leaders and public representatives will continue treating the flood-victim rehabilitation as a topmost priority", the NC Spokesman stated.

"Not only was PDP Patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed missing from the Valley during the floods but all three Members of Parliament of PDP were conspicuous in their absence from rescue and relief operations. They preferred the safe environs of New Delhi to the Valley when they were duty-bound to serve the people who had elected them. Now all PDP leaders are coming out of the woodwork to issue statements faking empathy for the flood victims. This party left no stone unturned to play politics over the devastating floods and turned this issue of collective human suffering into a political debate with an eye on partisan, political dividends. Fortunately the politically sagacious people of J&K saw through this pretension and PDP will pay dearly for politicizing the floods and abandoning the cause of the flood victims for their own political rehabilitation just a month and a half after the Valley was submerged", the NC Spokesman added.

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