Don't leave us at the mercy of the mob: CRPF on pellet gun ban

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Srinagar, Aug 31: Do not leave us at the mercy of the violent mobs. This is what the CRPF had to tell the Union Home Ministry which is contemplating a ban on the use of pellet guns in Jammu and Kashmir.

The government has said that it would gradually phase out the pellet guns. It had also said that it would only be used in the rarest of rare cases.

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'Don't leave us at the mercy of the mob'

The CRPF, however, feels that the decision to completely ban the pellet guns is not right especially in the current scenario where relentless stone pelters have taken over the streets. The use of pellet guns against the protestors has been criticised by several people following which a committee was set up by the home ministry to find an alternative.

The committee had suggested that the Chilli filled PAVA shells could be an alternative.

You are leaving us at the mercy of the protestors

The CRPF feels that a ban on pellet guns is not the best solution. The CRPF says that the mob frenzy is such that the people are even ready to die and run into areas that are highly secure. At such a time if the pellet gun is banned, the CRPF personnel will be at the mercy of the mob.

CRPF says that in such volatile situations in the absence of the pellet guns, they will either have to run away from the scene to save their lives or use their regular service weapons. This would only demoralise the force completely, the CRPF also says.

In the Jammu and Kashmir High Court, the CRPF had submitted that following a standard operating procedure is their priority. However, it is not possible always. Although the SOP states that pellets are to be fired below the waist, at times it is just not possible, the CPRF had also said while opposing the petitioners plea to ban pellet guns.

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