Your Guide to Hockey World Cup 2014

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Your Guide to Hockey World Cup 2014
The Hague (Netherlands), May 30: The 13th edition of Hockey World Cup will get under way here tomorrow (May 31).

The Hockey Park will be the venue as World's top 12 countries' players (both men and women) will be seen in action from May 31 to June 15.

Indian men are in Group A with defending champions Australia, Malaysia, Belgium, England and Spain. India have won the World Cup only once, in 1975.

Pakistan, the most successful World Cup team with four titles, have not qualified for this year's event.

Here is the World Cup Guide for men's tournament

World Cup from May 31, Saturday to June 15, Sunday

Venue - Hockey Park, The Hague, Netherlands

Stadiums - Kyocera and Greenfields

Seating capacity - 15,000 (Kyocera); 5,000 (Greenfields)

Number of competition days - 14 (Total 16 with 2 rest days)

Total matches - 76

Matches per day - 6 in Group Stage till June 10; 4 per day during knock-out phases.

This is the 13th edition of World Cup


Group A

Australia, Malaysia, Belgium, India, England, Spain

Group B

Germany, South Africa, Netherlands, Argentina, New Zealand, South Korea

India's Matches

May 31 - Vs Belgium (7.30 PM IST)

June 2 - Vs England (7.30 PM IST)

June 5 - Vs Spain (9 PM IST)

June 7 - Vs Malaysia (6 PM IST)

June 9 - Vs Australia (4.30 PM IST)

Full Schedule (All Times IST)

May 31 Saturday

Australia Vs Malaysia (2 PM)

Belgium Vs India (7.30 PM)

England Vs Spain (9 PM)

June 1 Sunday

Germany Vs South Africa (2 PM)

Netherlands Vs Argentina (7.30 PM)

New Zealand Vs South Korea (9 PM)

June 2 Monday

Australia Vs Spain (4.30 PM)

England Vs India (7.30 PM)

Malaysia Vs Belgium (9 PM)

June 3 Tuesday

South Africa Vs New Zealand (6 PM)

Germany Vs Argentina (7.30 PM)

Netherlands Vs South Korea (11.15 PM)

June 4 Wednesday (Rest Day)

June 5 Thursday

Malaysia Vs England (2 PM)

Belgium Vs Australia (7.30 PM)

India Vs Spain (9 PM)

June 6 Friday

New Zealand Vs Argentina (4.30 PM)

South Korea Vs South Africa (9 PM)

Germany Vs Netherlands (11.15 PM)

June 7 Saturday

Spain Vs Belgium (4.30 PM)

India Vs Malaysia (6 PM)

England Vs Australia (7.30 PM)

June 8 Sunday

New Zealand Vs Germany (2 PM)

South Korea Vs Argentina (4.30 PM)

South Africa Vs Netherlands (11.15 PM)

June 9 Monday

Australia Vs India (4.30 PM)

Spain Vs Malaysia (6 PM)

Belgium Vs England (11.15 PM)

June 10 Tuesday

Argentina Vs South Africa (2 PM)

Germany Vs South Korea (4.30 PM)

New Zealand Vs Netherlands (11.15 PM)

June 11 Wednesday (Rest Day)

June 12 Thursday

Qualification Matches

Place 11-12 - 6th Place Group A Vs 6th Place Group B (5 PM)

June 13 Friday


SF 1 - Group A Winner Vs Group B Runner-up (6.45 PM)

SF 1 - Group B Winner Vs Group A Runner-up (9.30 PM)

June 14 Saturday

Place 9-10 - 5th Place Group A Vs 5th Place Group B

June 15 Sunday

Place 7-8 - 4th Place Group A Vs 4th Place Group B (12 PM)

Place 5-6 - 3rd Place Group A Vs 3rd Place Group B (2.15 PM)

Place 3-4 - Loser Semis 1 Vs Loser Semis 2 (4.30 PM)

FINAL - 6.45 PM

Points System (Group Stages)

Win - 3 points for the winning team

Draw - 1 point per team

Loss - 0 points for the loser

The Group standings will be calculated according to each team's points

If teams have the same number of points at the end of the pool stage, they will be ranked according to wins.

If the teams have also won the same number of matches, they will be ranked on goal difference - goals scored minus goals conceded.

If the teams are still equal, they will be ranked by the most number of goals scored. Finally, if still equal a shoot-outs competition will be played.

If two or more times are tied, then each team will play a shoot-out competition against the other teams in the same sequence of play as in the pool.

Knock out rounds

The sequence of play may not necessarily be in the order as shown below.

The semi-finals will be played as follows:

Winner Group A Vs Second Group B

Winner Group B Vs Second Group A

The winners of these two matches will take part in the final for first and second place. The losers will play for third and fourth place.

The matches to determine fifth and sixth place will be played as follows:

3rd Group A Vs 3rd Group B

The matches to determine seventh and eighth place will be played as follows:

4th Group A Vs 4th Group B

The matches to determine ninth and tenth place will be played as follows

5th pool A v 5th pool B

The matches to determine eleventh and twelfth place will be played as follows

6th Group A Vs 6th Group B

World Rankings

1. Australia

2. Germany

3. Netherlands

4. England

5. Belgium

6. New Zealand

7. South Korea

8. India

9. Pakistan

10. Spain

Defending champions - Australia

Most World Cup titles - 4 (1971, 78, 82, 94) Pakistan (failed to qualify for this year's event)

India won the World Cup once - 1975

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