WWE: Why was Alberto Del Rio’s Wellness Policy violated?

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Bengaluru, Sep 15: Alberto Del Rio was in the midst of a Wellness Policy Violation from August 17th. However, he had a clause in his contract that he can leave the company if he is not pleased with the terms and conditions.

Hence, he decided to exercise the clause in between the suspension time seeking the official release.

Del Rio held a press conference in Mexico (image courtesy Twitter)

As noted last week, WWE released an official statement to announce the release of the Mexico’s greatest export for the second time in his career.

After his release, Del Rio took his time to arrange a press conference to answer questions of the wrestling journalists regarding his career.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter was present at the press conference held in the Mexico City, Mexico.

He reported that the former World champion left the company with no regrets and on good terms. That means we may see the superstar returning to the WWE, once again. Del Rio even accepted the fact in his Twitter handle, too.

However, considering his age and the bitter experience he had in the past, it’s highly unlike that he is coming back for one last time.

Apparently, WWE thinks that Del Rio had left his prime time in the past and not appropriate to cope up in this new era.

Also, Meltzer had a conversation with his fellow journalist, Bryan Alvarez which suggests that Del Rio was suspended since he was gone for a testosterone replacement therapy.

Although Del Rio claimed in the press conference that he had a prescription for the same, it is not accepted in the WWE. Here’s some part of the conversation that Bryan and Meltzer had (courtesy SportsKeeda)

Bryan Alvarez: “We learned today that 39-year-old Alberto Del Rio tried to get an exemption for testosterone replacement therapy, he’s on it-“

Dave Meltzer: “No, no, no. Bryan, you know the story.”

Bryan:That’s what he said. Who am I to say that Alberto Del Rio is telling a lie here?

Meltzer: you know, he failed a steroid test. That’s what happened.

As far as like, everyone’s got an excuse when they fail a steroid test, you know that. I mean it’s always medically prescribed.

At least he didn’t say it was a supplement. But, you know, that’s what he said. As far as what it really is, it’s. I can’t say anymore. But it’s what it failed for PEDs.

He failed a test for elevated testosterone in his system, I mean, that's the truth... And he doesn't have to worry about it anymore because he's not going to sign with anybody that's testing, I don't think.”

As reported earlier, his girlfriend, Paige was also suspended by the company within 24 hours of the span. However, no confirmation was received regarding her.

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