WWE: Why is Brock Lesnar not competing at Clash of the Champions?

By: Raja
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Bengaluru, Sep 2: It looks like the feud between Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar is far from over. As announced by WWE, they will clash again on September 24 at the All-state arena in Chicago, Illinois.

This will not be any PPV event from Raw or Smackdown but a live event from the windy city. But, the question is why WWE would arrange a non-televised match for the biggest star attractions of the pro wrestling industry and especially when the Clash of the Champions PPV is scheduled on September 25th from Raw brand. Apparently, WWE has an answer to it.

Lesnar-Orton rematch to take place on September 24th from Chicago (image courtesy wwe.com)

According to the reports of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Brock Lesnar is offered less money while competing in the non-televised live event comparing to his PPV appearances. The reason behind the same is the less quality matches in the house shows.

The PPV matches are much lengthier and most of the times competed in the main event capacity. Hence, he had to put much effort to it and charges double the money.

It is also worthy to mention that a star like Lesnar charges extra money from WWE apart from contract while doing extra stunts or appearances.

Since WWE was not willing to pay that extra money on this point they rather offered Lesnar to appear in the live event to which Lesnar did agree since he knows that Orton is a quality opponent. Their fight holds the capability to sell out the arena just like that.

It is yet to reveal whether WWE releases any footage of the non-televised show. There will be millions of fans waiting to see the rematch between the two biggest box office attractions in the sports entertainment, today.

The prediction for the match is doubtful, too. Lesnar is obviously the favorite, here. However, two straight losses to the beast would harm his calibre as the top draw from Smackdown Live. It is yet to be seen if WWE arranges another PPV match between the two of them in the near future, probably at the Survivor Series PPV.

Also, from Summerslam onwards, WWE is teasing with the Brock Lesnar-Shane McMahon feud since the commissioner of the blue brand was hit with a devastating F-5 by the beast.

Although, Stephanie McMahon fined Lesnar with $500 but as told by Shane, the rivalry between him and Lesnar is far from over. Probably, the upcoming match with Orton is to culminate the feud between Shane and Lesnar.

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