WWE: Vince McMahon blames Sasha Banks for the lame ending of Hell in a Cell

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Nov 13: The entire pro-wrestling industry was turned into a frenzy after hearing the news that two women will compete inside the Hell in a Cell.

On the last PPV from Raw brand, we have seen Charlotte and Sasha Banks stepping their foot into that death-defying structure.

Sasha (Image courtesy: wwe)

They stole the show but the finishing was so lame that WWE Universe turned on the creative, thereafter.

They were upset with the fact that Sasha Banks lost the match in front of her hometown of Boston. The decision of giving Charlotte with the title at the main event of the Hell in a Cell PPV still can’t be got over. But, Vince McMahon has an explanation to it.

According to Dave Meltzer, the finishing was well planned. Sasha was supposed to go through a table and then got the pin with via Natural Selection.

But, in reality, Sasha botched the move. Charlotte tried to put her through the table twice but was unable to do that. Hence, she had no choice but to end it with a Natural Selection only.

The reason behind this is said to be Sasha’s light weight. Her body weight nears to only 200 lbs which are not good enough to break a table.

Vince fully blamed Sasha for the lame finish. Many of the critics were sympathetic towards Sasha and her body giving up at a certain point, but Vince might have understood it earlier and decided to go with Charlotte.

He also thought that Charlotte could have delivered much better if it was not for Sasha’s inability during the match.

It was disappointing to see Sasha losing the title only after holding it for three weeks but at one point she was really looking in no condition to go.

This might be the reason that Vince was in favor of Charlotte from the get going of this match. He was not proved wrong, either.

Sasha is supposed to be in a feud against either Dana Brooke or Nia Jax after Survivor Series while Charlotte will start her program with Bayley, moving forward.

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