WWE: Update regarding Jerry Lawler's return to Smackdown

By: Raja
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Bengaluru, Jan 16: This week, Smackdown Live will be hosted live from Jerry the King Lawler’s hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

So, WWE arranged an appearance for him with the King’s Court talk show. It will be indeed good to see the veteran back on WWE TV. Plus, the segment is also supposed to give a major boost to the show.

Jerry Lawler (Image courtesy: Youtube)

As reported earlier, both Jerry Lawler and Lita were removed from their position in the company. They were the regular faces in the Raw or Smackdown pre-shows and the PPV Kickoff panel.

It was their presence and veteran analytics that made stick us to the TV screen even before the main show went on the air.

Recently, Jerry opened up about the situation. As per his words, the pre-shows and kick-off shows were costing WWE much more than they initially thought. They had to pay the show hosts extra money.

Apart from Jerry and Lita, there are other regular faces like Renee Young and Booker T. To maintain the minimal cost WWE removed both the Hall of Famers. You can understand the situation by the below comments from The King.

"Well, I got a call last week from (Kevin Dunn) ... he's one of the guys that makes the decisions when it comes to TV. He is the guy that is in charge of WWE TV and has been for years. ... I got a call from him.

Apparently once they moved my job over to the pre-shows and the pre-shows had to absorb my salary and my pay, it made it a very expensive show to produce every week.

I guess as Kevin explained to me, they decided to cut back on the pre-show because it was costing them too much money at the time."

Jerry further added that it’s not that he is done with WWE. It’s just a TV time off for some temporary measures before he comes back in a new role like this week’s return to WWE on his home turf.

“The pre-shows were just stopped because of a cost saving thing. It's not that I'm gone from WWE or anything like that.

"On the contrary, Vince (McMahon) called me in the next day and said "you know, King, I hope you don't think this is goodbye or anything like that. We may have you busier than ever in the future now.”

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