WWE: Update on Chris Jericho and Sin Cara fight controversy

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Nov 26: As reported earlier, prior to the Survivor Series PPV, Chris Jericho, and Sin Cara had a backstage fight during WWE’s UK tour.

The masked Luchador was making noises in the tour bus annoying Jericho which led them into a confrontation.

Chris Jericho wore Sin Cara's mask on Raw (Image courtesy: Youtube)

They further indulged into a fight when Jericho even bit Cara’s fingers. WWE Superstars interfered to stop them.

As a result, Sin Cara was sent back to the US in the middle of the tour. He was further forced to join anger management classes seeing his past history to get into fights with a few superstars in the locker room.

When the rumours of the fight were started to buzz off, it was further fuelled this past week on Raw, when Jericho interfered in between the match of Rollins and Owens wearing Sin Cara’s mask.

Speculations started saying that Sin Cara’s punishment is still continuing and Jericho just gave hint of it by wearing the mask.

Many of the tours were offended by the fact that actions were taken only to the high flying Mexican superstar.

No instructions were given to Jericho even if he bit Cara’s hand. We thought that there would be some sort of bad blood between the two of them due to the incident.

But, Y2J put them into rest by commenting on his podcast that there’s no such cold war going between them.

“Sin Cara’s a great guy, he’s a good friend of mine, and he actually lent me that mask”

Sin Cara further took his Twitter handle to comment about the incident saying that the mask was beautiful. Jericho too posted saying that it was a sign of respect to the mask wearing superstar.

However, as per reports from wrestlingINC.com, Sin Cara is having a tough since the incident happened.

He had to drive the long way himself to the next Raw tapings in Buffalo instead going with the team flight. Also, he is not allowed to use the men’s locker room. For him, the 'extras’ room is being reserved.

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