WWE: Update on Alberto Del Rio’s assault case

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Oct 6: As reported earlier, former WWE Superstar, Alberto Del Rio was attacked viciously by an unknown assailant in a restaurant.

Although the man accused of the case is still not up for grabs, there are some updates available for the case.

Alberto Del Rio (Image courtesy: Twitter)

Del Rio now performs under the name of Alberto El Patron on behalf of the Lucha Underground promotion in Mexico City.

The day the incident took place, he was scheduled for the main event of a PPV for the same. He was in a hurry that night to attend the event and wanted to finish his meal as early as possible.

After he was done he was getting into his car to head to the event named AAA: Heroes Immortals. A car came running down from the back and hit his car straight.

Alberto and the car’s owner got into a heated argument. Del Rio realized that he is getting late for his main event and wanted to finish the conversation.

He turned around to board into his car, again. Apparently, this was the moment when the car driver (identity still not found) attacked from behind.

Before realizing anything Alberto got stabbed in his back multiple times with a knife. Upon turning around, the attacker tried to slash his face. Del Rio dodged it but the man hit him in his head.

The car driver was relentless and was not stopping. He charged with the knife again creating multiple spots in Del Rio’s arms until he managed to shove him off and took away the knife.

After that, the attacker fled away from the scene. One of the witnesses of the whole incident noted the license number of the vehicle by virtue of which, a petition was filed to police.

The Mexican Aristocrat was taken to a nearby hospital. He even tried to arrange a chartered flight to make it to the AAA event that night.

But, in the mayhem, he lost his phone and could not even inform them of his condition. But, after knowing his situation he is now on good terms with the company and will be on the UK tour with the roster.

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