WWE: Undertaker badly hurt during the Royal Rumble match

Written by: Raja
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New Delhi, Feb 3: If the Royal Rumble match was any indication then the Undertaker’s situation is really unclear, at this time. As per the latest reports, the Phenome hurt himself during his appearance in the Rumble match.

Although, he was present in the match for a mere time of 8 minutes and 46 seconds, his stiff movements were a clear indication of that.

The Undertaker (image courtesy WWE.com)

The Deadman entered the match at number 29. While throwing his iconic punches and moves, he was clearly unable to do it with full force. This was as a result of the bad hip for which he has undergone a surgery, last year.

It was due to the Rumble match, that he made a premature return to WWE TV despite being 100 percent fit. This might be the reason that WWE pushed back his entry to the end. But, that did not help Taker, rather since he was in severe pain after he headed towards backstage.

Undertaker has not spent a long time in the Rumble match. The only big task he did was to eliminate Goldberg from the match. Apart from him, Corbin, The Miz, and Sami Zayn also fell victim to him before Roman Reigns eliminated him to set up a possible match at Wrestlemania.

The veteran wrestling journalist, Dave Meltzer supported the fact that Undertaker was really hurting very bad during the match. He did not injure himself in between the match but it was the hip problem which was giving him a lot of troubles. This is what Meltzer said about Taker’s performance at Rumble:

“So Undertaker, he was hurting real bad. I mean you could look at him and you could see that he wasn't in shape, and you know... it's the hip. You know... I mean there's nothing else to really say about it. He's got two months before WrestleMania.

He had surgery. He came back to quick from surgery, I think that's pretty clear. But you know it was the time and they had a story... and the way that the match was structured he really didn't have to do a whole hell of a lot. But even that when he was backstage he was hurting a lot. So... yeah that's the gist of the thing with him.”

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