WWE: Total Divas video shows Paige had mental break-down

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Dec 10: As of now, we are still not sure whether we will Paige her in WWE, ever again. The British Diva has just over with his suspension for 60 days due to her second wellness policy violation in the WWE.

She already broke WWE policy, twice and if she does it again then it will terminate her WWE contract, permanently.

Paige (image courtesy WWE)

Going by the Total Divas season six, we are assured of one thing that she indeed had some big fight with WWE creative as well as the women’s locker room. In the recent episode of Total Divas, she was seen introducing her boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio to her co-workers. This was done during a party arranged by Natalya.

The women superstars present in the dinner were shocked to see Paige getting cozy with Mexican Aristocrat. Natalya referred Del Rio as the 'bad boy’ of the WWE and their affair was not taken well by anyone of them. Paige even confessed that she is in deep love with him but that decision was not appreciated by the Total Divas girls, at all.

Following the incident, Paige was isolated by the entire locker room. No one in the locker room was seen talking to her except for Renee Young. The WWE show host discussed that her co-workers were really worried about her seeing none but Del Rio. Paige was furious with the Women’s reaction saying that it was none of their business.The former Divas champion further said that she is packing her bags to go back to England.

Just after that, she had a heated argument with the head of the WWE talent relationship, Mark Carrano. She was seen really frustrated with the fact that it’s first time in her career that she is not involved in a storyline for more than six long months. So, she had a mental breakdown. Later, she was seen making it up with Renee before the episode came to an end. But, it certainly indicated the fact that she had a very rough time with WWE at that point.

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