WWE: Top 5 rumours at this time: September 4, 2016

By: Raja
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Bengaluru, Sep 4: To the much delight of the pro-wrestling circuit, WWE has decided to give the WWE Universal title to Kevin Owens last week on Raw.

If we are not getting more swerves coming on this week’s Raw, then we are probably going to get a babyface Rollins from now on. It means, two Indie darlings will be the star attractions of the flagship show which by the way has already given a major boost to the ratings of Raw.

Daniel Bryan's return expected?

So basically most of the rumors at this time are oriented with this upcoming week’s Raw and here’re top 5 of them.

Triple H’s return update

The game was back for the first time since Wrestlemania 32 to take Owens under his wings. He was supposed to stay to present around his new poster boy’s corner from now on.

However, latest rumors suggest that he will not attend this week’s Raw since he is not advertised for the show that will take place from Kansas City, MO. Triple H was forced to return on an emergency basis after Finn Balor got injured at Summerslam to cement Owens as the top most heel of the company.

Kevin Owens did not know about his win

The social media was turned into a frenzy after Owens pulled off a shocking victory last week to win his first major title in WWE. Now, reports suggest that the prizefighter did not know the outcome prior to the match.

Everyone except him was aware of the fact until Triple H appeared out of nowhere and whispered into his ears about him winning the belt. Hence, he was shocked as well as the crowd. He is likely to trigger a feud with Rollins for his championship from now on.

Plans around the Women’s division

It is evident that upon landing on the main roster, Bayley would receive a title shot against Charlotte in the near future.

However, Sasha Banks is expected to return soon within two weeks and hence Charlotte’s next title defense might be in a triple threat match. It is still not clear if Sasha is not out of the title picture then why would WWE force her to drop the title at Summerslam? As of now, there’s no planning to take the title away from Charlotte. The champion’s feud with Dana Brooke is also on the card.

Major planning with Rollins and Triple H

On the backdrop of the championship, picture WWE will continue to build up a feud that will likely culminate at Wrestlemania 33. Despite the positive reaction that Triple H got by turning on Rollins, he will continue to do his heelish acts.

Rollins is supposed to turn face from this point to make the money match between him and the COO of the company into fruition. We might get the preponed match at Survivor Series even. However, WWE fans’ reaction might change the course of the feud, in future.

Plans with The Miz and Daniel Bryan

After the power packed Talking Smack promo that was delivered by the Miz, many thought that we might get a Bryan-Miz feud. However, that’s not the case here. The Miz was gaining heat to go onto a feud with Dolph Ziggler for his Intercontinental title. Plus, it’s been a long time since we have seen The Miz in the main event picture. Hence, perhaps it’s time for him to go upwards to the food chain from now on. As for Bryan, his contract with WWE is intact up to 2018 but he is not supposed to return to in-ring competition.

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