WWE Top 5 rumours of the week: October 6

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Oct 6: This week the main talking point of the pro-wrestling industry was TNA impact wrestling up for selling. We have not figured out what will be the final outcome but we do know that WWE is in the race.

Apart from that, there was a huge rumor with the franchise of the company, John Cena. Lets some up all of these rumors and give you the top 5 at this time.

Rumours about the Women's championship (Image courtesy: WWE)

John Cena in a big Hollywood project

Cena has been in on and off role in the WWE, as of late. Going by the rumors, he might end up having a much longer time off since he is being contacted in a Marvel movie project.

The writer of the comic series “Superior” has urged Cena to play the superhero character in the upcoming movie based on the comic series.

Fox has bought the rights for the movie and if Cena agrees to it, his WWE career will be in serious jeopardy.

Big Show and Mark Henry in different roles

Big Show’s one last match with Shaquille O’Neil at Wrestlemania 33 is still on the cards. But in the meantime, both Show and Mark Henry has picked up the role of either show producer or acting as the brand ambassador for WWE.

These two veterans are more than capable of doing their duties and hence will be associated with the company despite being not present inside the ring. D-Von Dudley has been signed for a similar role, too.

TNA’s status

TNA’s prime shareholder Dixie Carter has held back the ownership change process for her company for sometimes.

We expected that we might hear the news of WWE taking over TNA, very soon. But, that might not be the case.

A third-party has provided the fund to TNA for channeling the Bound for Glory PPV and upcoming TV tapings. Hence, immediate handover might not be on the cards. But Vince McMahon is still in talks with TNA to buy it.

Planning for Raw Women’s division

Apparently, it was WWE doctor’s mistake that caused Sasha Banks her first ever title victory. The doctors thought that she might be out for a long time due to the back injury and hence took the title from her at Summerslam.

However, Sasha has got it back this week on Raw. Charlotte will be out of the title scenario for quite sometimes and make a feud with her protégé, Dana Brooke to elevate her as a babyface. But, Charlotte and Sasha are probably going to get one last one-on-one match inside Hell in a Cell.

Reason behind Cesaro-Sheamus tag team

WWE is still not looking to push Cesaro to the main event picture. For the umpteenth time, it is being held back causing a serious frustration in him. Plus, his contract is running out which means he might leave in near future.

So, the tag team concept came out to stop him from leaving. The team of Cesaro-Sheamus might pick up the title from the New Day and that will prevent Cesaro since he cannot leave being a champion, here in the WWE.

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