WWE Top 5 rumours of the week: November 11, 2016

Written by: Raja
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Bengalaru, Nov 11: We are getting closer to the Survivor Series PPV, as well as the ending line of the year 2016. So the rumor mill is already started to fill in some big plans around next year.

Speaking of the next year, we definitely have some planning regarding Wrestlemania. But, The Undertaker is also returning and hence he has made it to the list, as well. So, here’s the summation.

A lot is happening in the Women's division (image courtesy WWE.com)

Dana Brooke is having relationship with a creative

Dana Brooke was unable to create some heat amongst the WWE universe despite getting numerous chances. Rumor mill suggested that she is having an affair with some WWE creative resulting her push despite her lack of talents. Even, she has heard about it and tweeted out rubbishing all of that. But, WWE creative still does have a lot of faith in her.

Sin Cara and Jericho got into a fight

As per reports from wrestlezone.com, there were some serious backstage altercations between two WWE superstars. At first, the names were not confirmed but later it was noted that Sin Cara and Chris Jericho was the two of them. The legitimacy is not verified with the news but both this man has a nag of getting into serious backstage troubles.

Further rumours for Charlotte’s streak

We are still not confirmed of why Charlotte has become a three-time Women’s champion. The rumor mill suggests that this definitely has something to play with her streak. Her streak is going be a huge factor going into Wrestlemania so that her opponents can be showcased stronger once that streak gets broken. On the other hand, Sasha Banks will probably end up getting a program with Nia Jax after Survivor Series is over. The audience is with Bayley and hence she is supposed to get a push from now onwards.

Undertaker’s return

The Undertaker’s return announcement came out of nowhere. The creative is planning his stint as her last and the next Wrestlemania match is going to be pushed as his last one. He might even do a Survivor Series cameo from the Smackdown brand. The rumored opponent for him at Wrestlemania is going to be Randy Orton since the creative thinks that the Viper is going to be the safest worker against him.

Big Wrestlemania plans

WWE is planning to get even more subscribers during this Wrestlemania season. To attract more visitors they are probably going to offer the lucky WWE Network subscribers a visit to the WWE Performance center in Orlando, Florida. They are willing to get at least 3 million paid WWE network subscribers within the time of Wrestlemania 34. Also, a couple of international figures and UFC stars are being contacted to take part in the grandest stage of them all.

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