WWE Top 5 rumour of this week: December 9th, 2016

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Dec 9: WWE has successfully concluded the TLC PPV and going forward to wrap up the PPV schedule on December 18th with Roadblock.

The next time WWE brings a PPV will be the Royal Rumble in January’s end and they still have got plenty of times to build it forward. We also had the holiday season prior to which we will see a number of WWE TV shows.

WWE is frustrated with Cena's growing movie career (image courtesy Youtube)

So, here’s what the rumour mill has in store for this week:

WWE frustrated with Cena’s time off

According to a report from Inquisitr.com, WWE Creative is furious with Cena’s new signings in either movies or new shows. They are causing him to miss major PPVs in the calendar and the creative is facing problem to build storylines around him.

The news is coming at a time when Cena too is supposedly upset with WWE. So, a friendly tension is going on indeed between the company and its franchise. Cena has signed a new film called 'The Pact’ and will host the Saturday Night Live on the 10th of December.

Ric Flair to betray Sasha Banks

This one might sound something really odd but as we all know anything can happen in WWE. So the rumour mill suggests that Flair will be getting into his usual heel antics going forward and will cost Sasha the championship in the Roadblock PPV.

This will more strengthen Charlotte’s heel legacy with her father by her side. But, changing the championship hands again might create volatility in Women’s division as well as among the fans.

All the Wyatt members are champion

Just like the New Day on Raw, WWE creative is applying the 'free bird’ rule for the new tag champs, the new Wyatt family. This means that even though Orton and Wyatt became the champions, Harper too will be a part of it and going forward, he too will compete in the championship matches. This will help to make them champions for a longer time as well as plan alternative matches for the team members.

Break-up between Zack Ryder & Emma

Emma is set to return on WWE TV with a new gimmick called Emmalina. Meanwhile a report from Inquisitr.com suggested that the new glam girl of WWE might not be dating Zack Ryder, anymore.

They were engaged from 2015. But, recently Emma unfollowed Zack on Instagram creating the rumours. Also, Ryder is part of Smackdown whereas Emma will perform on Raw. We wonder if this pushes Emma in her WWE career, going forward.

Rollins vs. Balor planned for Wrestlemania

A sudden report from Inquisitr.com suggested that WWE Creative is sketching a new plan between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor which will culminate at Wrestlemania. The previous planning of Triple H vs. Rollins is said to be pushed back due to this planning.

This also might not bring back Balor in WWE during Royal Rumble PPV even if he gets fit to compete. However, if this happens then the dream match between Triple H and Rollins is uncertain.

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