WWE Top 5 rumours of this week: November 4, 2016

By: Raja
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New Delhi, Nov 4: We are over with the Raw exclusive PPV, Hell in a Cell and is moving forward to the next stop. It will be the 30th edition of the annual PPV Survivor Series in Toronto, Canada.

Most of the rumors from this week are contained with the fall-outs from the last PPV and the main eventers of the next one. Here’re the top rumors of this week.

Goldberg victimized Heyman & Rusev (image courtesy WWE.com)

Paul Heyman injured by Goldberg’s spear:

Goldberg hit the spear to Paul Heyman which was due for 12 long years. A footage was shown that Heyman was taken towards the local medical facility after digesting it. We thought that it was not legit and only part of a storyline.

However, rumors suggest that the advocate was hurt seriously. He might have suffered broken ribs and taken to the Hartford Hospital. We did not get any further update but he was released from the hospital later the night.

Sasha is taking a time-off:

Sasha Banks is forced to take a time off from WWE due to the injury she suffered inside the Hell in a Cell. She was helped to backstage with the medical personnel after the show was over.

Further, her absence on Raw suggests that the injury is not kayfabe but a legit one. In her absence, they will sell the injury on Raw and Sasha might get the rematch at the next Raw exclusive PPV, Roadblock.

Sami Zayn to fill the vacant spot on Raw:

WWE Raw has let us known four out of the five superstars those will compete at the Survivor Series PPV against Smackdown. Now, some fans claim that WWE.com accidentally revealed who is going to be on the 5th slot. Sami Zayn was seen at the spot just behind Chris Jericho. To support their comment the fans even uploaded the screenshot of the same. WWE has removed it later.

Randy Orton turning heel:

Randy Orton joining the Wyatt family kept his fans on their toes. While many think that he might turn on against the Wyatts after a certain span of time, but it’s not going to be the case.

Orton is going to continue with his heel run for a while. Moving forward, he will simply part his ways with the Wyatt family to start new feud as a villain. He might be pushed into the title picture, as well.

WWE creative is not happy with FloSlam:

WWE has started channeling FloSlam in order to broadcast some wrestling events from the independent circuit. The audience was even asked about their own preference. But, the creative is not happy with the idea.

They fear that might increase the popularity of Indi scenes. The effect of the Indi scene has been tremendous and it reflected on WWE’s recent signings. Most of the new recruits are from there.

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