WWE: The Icon Sting declares uncertainty over facing the Undertaker

Sting's debut is considered as one of the most shocking debuts in the WWE.

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Dec 10: Former WCW legend, Steve Borden better known as Sting had one run in the WWE.

It turned out to be a shorter one due to an unexpected injury which forced him to get into in-ring actions, anymore. However, he has that one unfulfilled dream of getting a match against the Undertaker.

Sting during his WWE debut (Image courtesy: Youtube)

It’s not only him but millions of pro-wrestling fans who wanted to see the match. Hence, the rumours always fire up once Wrestlemania season comes around. Recently, the Icon has visited Unioto High School Gym in Chillicothe, Ohio.

He was asked the same question of facing the Undertaker for one last match when he said that he is unsure of it.

After going under the neck surgery Sting himself accepted the fact that he wanted to have one last match in an interview with WWE legend, JBL. He commented,

That’s the unfinished business- I've always wanted to have that match (with The Undertaker), and I know that wrestling fans have always wanted to see it too.

However, he also pointed out the fact that he has undergone the neck surgery which was the indication of his pro-wrestling career’s end. Even if he wants to do it again, his body might not allow him to do so at this age.

Sting, a cornerstone of the WCW never showed up in the WWE after Vince McMahon bought it. That was until the year 2014 when he showed up in Survivor Series PPV attacking Triple H.

It is considered as one of the most shocking debuts in the WWE. His interference cost the Authority to be removed from the WWE, temporarily.

It further culminated a match between him and Triple H at Wrestlemania 31 which he lost. Thereafter, he challenged Seth Rollins for the WWE World championship at Night of Champions 2015 where he suffered the career-threatening neck injury.

Following the incident, WWE inducted him into the Hall of Fame, this year. This certainly means that there are least chances of getting the dream match between the Undertaker and Sting.

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