WWE: Stephanie McMahon and Triple H running both Raw and Smackdown

By: Raja
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Bengaluru, Oct 12: Ever since the WWE draft, we have seen a drastic change in the booking of both Raw and Smackdown. We finally got some fresh storylines and feuds.

In the previous few years, this unthinkable opportunities to the younger roster members were not expected since Vince McMahon was in full charge of the shows in the back.

Triple H & Stephanie on Raw (Image courtesy: Youtube)

Smackdown has gained the upper hand from the flagship show in terms of rating in the post-Draft era. To be proper, the blue brand has topped seven out of the nine weeks since the brand split.

The reason behind that is Smackdown was more of a wrestling show while Raw delivered more of entertainment.

Since the booking was completely new for the shows, it was previously speculated that the show in- charge's name might have shifted.

Now, confirming the same former WWE writer Court Bauer discussed the topic on MLW radio, “Right now if you watch WWE programming everyone says 'well, always comes down to Vince and what he wants.’

Here’s the thing, yes he’s still reviewing all the scripts, yes he’s overseeing everything from afar at Titan Towers in Stamford, Connecticut, but he’s not in the trenches, he’s not signing off at the moment to moment stuff at TV.”

Talking about Raw and Smackdown for past weeks Bauer further added, “He wasn’t in Memphis (for RAW), or at SmackDown, because he’s recovering from a nasty quad tear injury. So, Hunter, the rest of creative and Stephanie are assembling the show.

“Right now, for all intents and purposes, Hunter is in the control seat and calling shots at the [Gorilla Position].”

As you can see in his statement, the writer confirmed Vince McMahon’s minor injury. The quad tear has caused him to seat in the WWE Headquarters at Stamford, Connecticut in overview the ongoing.

The actual instructions of what will go on the air are being instructed by none other than Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

However, this has been the scene for a handful of times only and Vince is supposed to be back in near future travelling with the WWE roster.

However, in his absence Triple H has made some solid bookings to give the fans what they want. The two major decisions were obviously giving Kevin Owens and AJ Styles the title belts in their respective brands.

Smackdown has been the compact show, so far while Raw has faced the biggest challenge of being a three-hour long show.

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