WWE Smackdown Live results with video highlights: January 17

Written by: Raja
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Tennessee, Jan 18: The A-show of WWE came live this week from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee. We were all set to see the first-ever Women’s championship match inside a steel cage.

Plus, Jerry 'the king’ Lawler returned to WWE in his hometown with the King’s Court show. Here’s what transpired on last night’s show.

Dolph Ziggler attacked Jerry Lawler on Smackdown (Image courtesy wwe.com)

Shane McMahon kicked off the show with a blockbuster announcement. The Elimination Chamber is returning four weeks from now and whoever wins the WWE championship at the Royal Rumble, will have to defend the title inside that ominous structure.

AJ Styles was furious with this and confronted the commissioner. Soon, the Miz and john Cena joined the ring to set up the opening contest between the champion and the A-lister.

John Cena was present at the commentary table during this bout. After some in-ring competition, Styles pushed the Miz into Cena outside the ring leading the match into a no contest.

Cena backfired with his own moves and connected with the AA to Miz. He further hit his finishing maneuver again on Styles to deliver a bold statement to the champion.

Nikki Bella showed up in the ring to have a face-off with Natalya. But, Nattie was busy destroying Nikki’s merchandise in the backstage area.

This lead to a huge brawl between these two as the spectators got to see them fighting in front of their eyes. The security team was able to separate them after sometimes.

Dean Ambrose wanted a match against Randy Orton and he got one. There was another miscommunication between Harper and Orton which allowed Ambrose to go for a quick roll up and pin Orton for the win.

This made Orton furious and they had a confrontation inside the ring. Bray Wyatt separated them again before heading to backstage.

Jerry Lawler returned to the King’s court with the guest Dolph Ziggler. Footages were shown from 2012 which showed Ziggler dropping elbows to Jerry on the night when he suffered a heart attack during Monday Night Raw. In addition to the insult, Ziggler hit Jerry with a superkick right into his heart to put him down.

The steel cage match for the Women’s title was the main event of the night. La Luchadora interfered once again to let Bliss connect with the DDT to Lynch and earn the pinfall to retain her title on Smackdown.

After the match, Luchadora’s mask was removed and it was Mickie James. James further attacked Becky to put her down before celebrating with Bliss and closing the show.

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