WWE: Ryback says that he should face Goldberg

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Oct 15: Ryback was the modern version of Goldberg during his WWE days. He debuted in a similar fashion like Goldberg in a dominant fashion.

He had an incredible undefeated streak like the former WCW franchise. Fans wanted that WWE should build him as the modern Goldberg. In this year’s beginning, he even got his in-ring attires similar to Ryback.

Ryback (Image courtesy: Twitter)

But, unfortunately, that was it. The whole idea was buried due to Ryback’s conflict with the company. The human wrecking ball decided to part his ways with the company after Wrestlemania season was over and hence the match between the original and the modern version remained unplanned.

Now, that Goldberg is officially returning to WWE after a hiatus of 12 years, Ryback opened up with his opinion.

He appeared in a recent edition of Busted Open where he said that it should be him instead of Brock Lesnar to take on Goldberg.

He said that the match already happened 13 years ago and now this is a completely new era where the next installment is not needed. But, it should feature the modern one i.e. him against the former WCW franchise.

He quoted the following, “I think it’s really cool that he, he’s going to be 50 years old, that he wants to come back and come back for his family and kids to see him in true time do his thing.

"Now, I will say, he knows, he said it himself, he’s going on 50 years old and he has been away from the game for quite a long time.

"And for me, for my own selfish reasons, that should be me and Goldberg. It shouldn’t be him and Brock. It has been there.

"They’ve done that 13 years ago. It’s 13 years have gone by. We’re in a different era now.” (courtesy Busted Open)

While the Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar match is much-anticipated one, this idea too is interesting. It can be a “passing the torch” match if Ryback would have been under WWE. But, unfortunately, he is not and therefore the chances with this match are less.

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