WWE: Rusev protects Lana from Summer Rae’s vulgar Twitter comment

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Dec 1: As seen on this past couple of week’s edition of Raw, we are getting into a new feud between Enzo-Cass and Rusev.

The feud started after without cloth Enzo hit Rusev’s wife Lana at the backstage and did some flirtatious tricks to her.

Rusev and Summer Rae (Image courtesy: Youtube)

The Bulgarian Brute appeared on the scene closing her eyes. Furthermore, he made Enzo tap out in a squash match.

This week, the rivalry continued with Enzo cutting a non-PG promo towards Lana on Raw. He constantly mocked both Rusev and Lana with the mic in hand.

Bringing out the topic of Thanksgiving dinner, Enzo said that Lana spent her dinner thinking about a "Certified G stuffing her turkey."

With the promo taking the social media by storm, Summer Rae took her Twitter handle to rectify Enzo by posting the following.

The Bulgarian Brute quickly responded to protect her wife by replying to her ex-girlfriend.

Last year, Rusev ditched her then girlfriend, Lana to involve in a new relationship with the blond-headed Diva, Summer Rae.

However, the storyline got ugly after the real-life couple Rusev-Lana’s engagement picture went viral. Following that, Summer broke up with Rusev by slapping the taste out of his mouth in public.

So, it is evident that Rusev would be furious with the recent incidents with his wife. Meanwhile, he had counter-attacked the “certified G” on Raw by hitting him with a low blow.

The rivalry is far from over and it looks like Enzo and Lana will be an active part of it. Cass and Rusev will go for the physical fights.

Meanwhile, the notable thing in the feud is that WWE allowing non-PG stuff in their programming. They perhaps understand that the audience does love certain non-PG antiques on the television like it used to be in the Attitude Era.

So, as rumored earlier, WWE might be bringing back those kinds of things on TV, slowly. Enzo appearing naked and cutting vulgar promos are said to be the start of it.

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