WWE rumour: Twists that might take place at Backlash PPV

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Sep 9: WWE Backlash 2016 will always be historical from WWE’s point of view. This is the very first in the company’s history that WWE is arranging a PPV, separately for the Smackdown brand.

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We are all set to see witness the live mega event on Sunday (September 11). The match card has already been filled up with some huge matches and to make the event more memorable WWE might be storing some swerves for the night.

WWE Backlash to take place on September 11 (image courtesy WWE)

In the case of the tag teams division, it was a sigh of relief after seeing the Usos turning heels. Despite being the strongest contenders for the new tag team title they were not in the center of attraction. They were the only team on the Smackdown roster to win the championship previously but they were outsmarted by the American Alpha.

Turning them heel is a much-anticipated turn that happened on this week’s Smackdown and don’t be surprised if they come out victorious at Backlash. Though, Slater, and Rhyno are on a roll, as of late and the favorites, Usos are the tag team veterans and you can bet on them for Sunday.

In the case of the Intercontinental Championship match, there are high chances that we see the Miz, never-ending reign comes to an end with Ziggler pinning him 1-2-3. However, it would make less sense to continue his feud with The Miz since we have seen this number of times in the past.

So, a possible heel turn for Ziggler might be on the cards. It would also make sense if Ziggler ends up losing the championship match and interferes the WWE World championship match costing one of the competitors the championship. The show-off is filled up with failures after failures and with this evident move, he would be right back into the world championship picture. At the No Mercy PPV from Smackdown, we will get a triple threat World championship match.

The biggest swerve can be stored for the Women’s championship match. General thinking suggests that either Nikki Bella or Becky Lynch is going to the title. However, the swerve can be stored in the form of Carmella or Alexa Bliss. Carmella just dominated Nikki since her return for consecutive three weeks and no one in the locker room is having the strongest momentum like her.

Giving the championship to either of the NXT call-ups would make sense since they will be able to cement their heel personas with the championship gold by their side. It would also be very interesting to see both the babyface, Nikki and Becky chasing the title to showcase them even stronger.

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