WWE Rumour: Stephanie McMahon Vs Sasha Banks planned for Wrestlemania

By: Raja
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Bengaluru, Jan 15: After a small hiatus, Stephanie McMahon returned to WWE television in the month of December.

Ever since she returned, she’s been active while taking decisions for the Women’s division. Hence, she is slowly putting her heel antics on the babyfaces of the women’s division i.e. Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Stephanie (left) and Sasha Banks (Image courtesy: Youtube)

For the past couple of weeks, she had some seriously heated confrontations with the two of them.

Apparently, this might be due to the creative planning for the Wrestlemania season. Going by the rumour mill, a Sasha Banks Vs Stephanie McMahon feud is on the cards, very soon.

This might culminate in a match at Wrestlemania 33. So, whereas Charlotte will be facing Bayley at the biggest stage, Sasha will be facing her own boss there.

The seeds of this feud were planted after this week’s Monday night Raw when Sasha fell victim to the nasty comments of Stephanie.

After getting attacked by Charlotte and Nia from behind, Sasha and Bayley went to Stephanie demanding a match against them but the COO of the WWE warned the boss saying she writes the paycheck for her and so she better watches with whom she is talking to.

The legit boss of the WWE would not take it lightly and later hit back Stephanie on Twitter posting the following.

It clearly indicates that there might be something brewing between the two of them. After getting sidelined from the Women’s championship picture, Sasha is currently within a feud against Nia Jax.

She is not getting into the title picture, soon but as we have reported earlier, she will be getting a big match at Wrestlemania.

With that being said, Sasha’s opponent might very well turn out to be none other than Stephanie herself.

This is going to be a money match which the WWE Universe would love to see. If booked properly then it might turn out to be the rivalry of the decade.

Stephanie has not competed in a match from Summerslam 2014 and who better to take on than the crowd’s favorite, Sasha Banks?

A hot favorite of the crowd going against a natural heel like Stephanie can make this feud an automatic hit from the get going. We have to wait and see if WWE indeed wants to book it at Wrestlemania or not.

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