WWE Rumour: Steel Cage match coming up for the Intercontinental Championship

By: Raja
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Bengaluru, Sep 18: The Miz has yet another successful title defense to his Intercontinental Championship at Backlash against his old rival, Dolph Ziggler.

They both were billed from Cleveland, Ohio and had wrestled against each other for over a thousand times. But, both of them benefitted from the Brand Split becoming the talk of the WWE Universe which they desperately needed.

The Miz (left) and Dolph Ziggler for Intercontinental match (Image courtesy: wwe.com)

This past week on Smackdown, The Miz was out to address the WWE Universe with his beautiful wife, Maryse. Dolph interfered, once again reminding the fact that the rivalry is still far from over.

Their match at Backlash was not up to the mark and WWE Universe did not like the rivalry, either. But, that did not stop the General Manager, Daniel Bryan to hand Ziggler with a rematch.

This came because Maryse helped his husband to retain his title by spraying something into Ziggler’s eyes.

The Miz was snapped just after the announcement and unleashed his frustrations by urging Daniel to negotiate his contract. He left the arena saying that until his contract is being negotiated, he will not be defending his title to anybody.

However, it is reported that this aggression is completely part of the storyline as Miz is once again set to be the main eventer that he used to be, once upon a time.

As reported by Cagesideseats.com, we are soon going to see a steel cage match between the Miz and Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship.

The steel cage will be an X-factor for the match since Maryse always comes up as a helping hand in almost all of the Miz’s title defenses. That cage is to prevent Maryse from interfering into the match.

We have got no clue about when the match is going to take place. However, it can be assumed that October 9th will be the date.

On that day WWE Smackdown will come live with its second own PPV, No Mercy from Sacramento, California.

A steel cage match between these two old rivals is certainly going to steal the spotlight at the PPV. Until then, we will see Miz continuing with his demands to Daniel Bryan.

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