WWE Rumour: Plans on for Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania

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Bengaluru, Feb 17: The current Intercontinental champion, Dean Ambrose has won the championship from the Miz back on the first episode of Smackdown Live of this year. Ever since that happened, there has been numerous speculations suggesting that he has not been used properly and this might harm his main eventer image to a certain extent.

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WWE Creative was very concerned about this and wanted to give him a huge match at Wrestlemania. It will help the Lunatic Fringe to keep his character intact on the brand. Plus, the IC title which was made prestigious by the Miz will also be relevant in the process.

Dean Ambrose, the current Intercontinental champion (image courtesy WWE.com)

As per the previous reports, Ambrose might be scheduled to continue with his feud with the Miz heading towards Wrestlemania but there might be some change in planning in recent times. It says that Ambrose will renew his feud with AJ Styles for the Wrestlemania season. This time these two will square off for the IC title match.

Although, Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggested that there are no planning ongoing for the IC title at Wrestlemania but it is highly unlikely that Ambrose will stay without an opponent at the biggest event of the year.

As per the Creative, Ambrose was given the IC title so that he can keep its prestige ongoing. He will continue holding the title heading towards Wrestlemania and even beyond it. The title run should be a long one which will go through an acid test in the form of a big defense at Wrestlemania.

This big match might consist two of the big players from Smackdown that is Ambrose and Styles. Some might find it a repetitive one but these two is more than capable of putting up a great match at the showcase of immortals. There is also an option in Baron Corbin after last week’s vicious attack on the Lunatic Fringe.

Styles was previously speculated to go into a feud with Shane McMahon for the Wrestlemania season. But, recently he has shown interest to hold the prestigious IC title and might get the chance at the grandest stage of them all.

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