WWE Rumour: Boogeyman to return at next week’s Halloween edition of Raw

By: Raja
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Bengaluru, Oct 28: Next week, WWE Raw will take place on October 31, on the day of Halloween. Every year, WWE gives the fans a treat to the fans to this special occasion and this year will be no different. Goldberg has been already booked for the show and the rumours suggest that Boogeyman might appear on Raw.

The veteran is a former employee in the WWE and now under a legend's contract with the company. Boogeyman (real name Martin Wright) has signed the contract in November 2015 which says he has to perform for a couple of dates in a year in non-wrestling capacity.

The scary Boogeyman (image courtesy WWE.com)

Boogey is known as the scariest superstar in the pro-wrestling industry. So, it does make sense that he will make a return to Monday Night Raw in the Halloween edition. Since he quit the company as a regular performer, he’s been appearing in some of the independent wrestling promotions. One of them is Booker T’s own wrestling show.

The rumours with Boogeyman’s return was already transpired for the last couple of days since two indie promoters tried to contact him for appearances in December or January. They had learnt that his dates are already booked with WWE during that period since he would be performing for them at that time. This raises question that if he is going to make a few more appearances instead one-off.

Meanwhile, a UK based wrestling promotion is claiming that they paid Boogeyman for making appearances but he never showed up. Even he is unreachable when they wanted to have their money back. They put the blame by the name of a former WWE superstar as seen in the below tweets.

Boogeyman was last seen in WWE ring at the Royal Rumble event in 2015. He made his entrance at number seven to have a stare down with Bray Wyatt for momentarily. Thereafter, Bray eliminated him quickly.

During Boogeyman’s first stint in WWE, he had some memorable feuds with Booker T, JBL, Finlay etc. The character is famous for making wrestlers frightening out of nowhere.

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