WWE Rumour: Backup plans for Triple H at Wrestlemania

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Feb 9: The original planning for Wrestlemania was between Seth Rollins and Triple H to have a mega match.

However, WWE is looking for a concrete backup plan after the injury suffered by Seth Rollins at the hands of Samoa Joe upon his debut.

Triple H (Image courtesy: wwe.com)

As per reports from the doctors, Rollins has torn his MCL for the second time after 2015 and that will prevent him from wrestling for at least eight weeks.

Quite evidently, this put the Wrestlemania plans in jeopardy which was almost finalized. WWE officials had to call an emergency meeting to draw some secondary planning about the lineups.

Triple H is intending to wrestle at the biggest event of the year and hence two names are floating around the internet regarding his next opponent.

According to a report from PWinsider.com, the Shane McMahon is being considered as the replacement of Rollins at Wrestlemania.

This planning was previously under the blueprint of the WWE creative which was later wiped out due to the Rollins-Triple H planning.

However, the biggest constraint in this feud is the brand barrier. Furthermore, there has not been any incident between the two which could kick-start the feud from here on.

If planned properly this might turn out to be a money match, this year. Plus, a family backdrop can also be brought to the scene which would be very interesting.

Another option is being nurtured by WWE creative, according to cagesideseats.com and that is of Samoa Joe.

Although the former NXT champion is a dominant heel persona and debuted to the man roster with it, he has incredible popularity among the pro-wrestling circuit.

This would go very well with him while turning into a babyface for this match only. In that case, Rollins would out of Wrestlemania picture, totally.

By far this might be the very best option for WWE unless they come up with another NXT recruit, Shinsuke Nakamura or the returning Finn Balor. Stay updated with this page for further details on Triple H’s new opponent.

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