Rumour: Paige does not want to return to WWE after Del Rio's departure

Written by: Raja
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New York, Swep 13: As seen on Total Divas and going by her history, Paige is the one who is not the one to be bound by the rules and hence ended getting a lot of backstage heat from the officials. This may be the reason she was not being featured in the championship picture for a long time, now.

In addition, she faced a 30 days suspension along with his boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio for violating the company’s Wellness policy. Now, that her boyfriend is officially done with the company the rumor mill is running rampant saying that she will follow the same path.

Is Paige following her boyfriend's way? (image courtesy Twitter)

However, her contract with WWE is until 2019. Also, she is only 24 which means she has plenty left inside the squared circle and WWE would not either want a rare talent like her to be wasted.

But, as reported by Dave Meltzer of Wresting Observer Newsletter, Paige too, is thinking to let herself loose from the biggest wrestling promotion in the world and take the route of his boyfriend. This is what Meltzer had to offer, “I would say things are looking really negative right now about her returning.

“Paige claims that Mark Ronald told her that if she doesn’t break up with Alberto Del Rio, she will be fired. When I first heard it, it was one of those things which I thought they have got to be smart enough to not say things like that. I can't imagine someone in power saying that.

“They broke them up in the drafts (Paige was drafted to Raw, while Del Rio was drafted to SmackDown Live!), and that was absolutely a message. It had plausible deniability, that you can do, but you cannot just go to someone and say 'if you don’t break up with your boyfriend, you are getting fired’. But the fact that the story is out, tells me she is probably done with the company. If she is done, they are probably trying to maneuver so that she can be released and can work elsewhere.”

Indeed it was not smart in part of the WWE officials to utter such words for Paige’s relationship which is extremely personal to her. WWE then further decided to split them on the day of the Draft where they allowed all the backstage couples to work on the same roster, offering the comfort zone. Only future will indicate what might be in store for the youngest Divas champion in the history.

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