WWE: Roman Reigns opens up on turning into a heel

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Feb 4: Roman Reigns turned to a prime babyface in WWE in the year 2014. Prior to that year, he was portraying a heel character being part of the faction, 'The Shield’.

But, since they were to be built as the strongest faction that WWE has ever seen, Reigns had to turn into a face which later was converted into the prime face of the company by Vince McMahon.

Roman Reigns (Image courtesy: wwe.com)

This has received a lot of fan backlash since then who rather demanded to see him as a villainous character.

This is the reason why for the first time ever he was voted the worst wrestler of the year 2016 although being the franchise of the company.

Recently, 'The Guy’ appeared in an interview with ESPN’s Cheap Heat podcast where he said that in his current status, he manages to earn both cheers and boos.

But, if he turns into a negative character then he would only receive boos which are not sensible to him. This was his comment:

“The one thing I like about my situation and if I think I was to commit to one, 'I'm a bad guy now - I'm pissed and I'm going to try to take everybody out' then it's only one, like, 'boo'.

"Do you know what I mean? But when I'm out there, there are all kinds of noise. There [are] all kinds of chants. It's pandemonium, man. That's how I like it.”

Roman does regret the fact that the Shield was destroyed much earlier than expected. It was due to the faction that he alongside Seth and Dean has earned the fame.

While asked about ranking their group in the WWE history, he said: “I think we're definitely in the top five. The difference between The Shield and everybody else is we didn't have names.

"Seth and Dean, they were kind of indie darlings, so they had a little bit of an internet buzz, but as far as casual fans and mass media, nobody knew who they were.

Nobody knew who I was. I didn't have any [professional] wrestling following, so for us to come in and make a name for ourselves, I think that speaks a lot.

I still, to this day, feel like we broke up too early. I really do. I think we had a really nice babyface run in us, but it just is what it is.”

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