WWE: Roman Reigns may turn into a heel

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Feb 9: There’s no denying that the negative fan backlash for Roman Reigns has no bound.

It has been suggested by a lot of WWE veterans that the only way to save his career is by making him a bonafide heel on the roster. He has done the job previously while being a member of the Shield.

Roman Reigns (left) (Image courtesy wwe.com)

Vince McMahon, however, was not willing to make Reigns heel since he has always seen Reigns as a big match player.

But, the plans might have been changed at a time when the audience just can’t take him anymore after the Royal Rumble PPV.

Reigns was universally hated after he entered the Rumble match at number 30 to the much disgust of the fans.

Furthermore, he eliminated the almighty Undertaker while a whole arena showered him with boos. The original planning was to make a surprise return with Finn Balor at the number 30 spot.

As reported on “The Dirty Sheets” podcast, Balor was also supposed to be the one to eliminate the Undertaker resulting a match at Wrestlemania.

But, unfortunately, he was not medically cleared to get back on the scene during the Rumble event.

Hence, WWE had no choice but to replace him with Roman Reigns who also might have replaced him at Wrestlemania, as well.

Now, getting into the ring with Undertaker at Wrestlemania is a dream of any pro-wrestler. It is evident that the Big Dog will earn more hatred from the crowd in the process.

So, this might be the time that he will be turning into a heel, finally. He himself posted the tweet suggesting the same.

As you can see on the tweet it is not done by babyface man but by the one who is literally frustrated by the audience’ mixed reaction despite his hard works since the beginning.

A villainous turn certainly can do wonder for a guy like him who is considered as the franchise of the brand.

We have seen legends like The Rock, Stone Cold or even Hulk Hogan doing the same in the past to save their career.

We have to wait some more to see when WWE does plan to turn him into a negative character for good.

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