WWE: Planning around James Ellsworth going forward

Written by: Raja
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New Delhi, Dec 30: James Ellsworth is still battered and bruised from AJ Styles’ beatdown on Smackdown Live, two weeks ago.

The reigning champion squashed him in just minimum times. Furthermore, he delivered a vicious post-match assault to Ellsworth. Since then, he’s been spotted with heavy bandages around his body since then.

Ellsworth to stay in a romantic angle (image courtesy Twitter)

He was stored with a feud against Ambrose, going forward. But now, Ambrose will be engaging in a rivalry with The Miz for the Intercontinental title and WWE is willing to use the 'no-chin man’ in a different capacity.

According to the sources from cagesideseats.com, WWE is looking to involve him in a romantic angle. As seen on Smackdown Live, Carmella is the one who will be involving into a relationship with Ellsworth. This would be much similar to the likes of Santino Marella’s role in the past.

The Princess of Staten Island took him under her wings on the episode of December 20th. Furthermore, this week, she approached towards Ellsworth in a flirtatious manner. She will continue doing this to build a romantic storyline between the two of them.

After the departure of Santino or Hornswoggle from WWE, there’ve been quite a void for a cartoon character which will be filled by Ellsworth. His angle with Carmella will help him to keep the viewers invested into his character. Meanwhile, he will continue getting elevated into the card due to his good performances.

His bruises from Styles’ beatdown are kayfabe and not real. But, to make it real he even continued selling the injury by wearing the neck brace even outside WWE. Check out his recent posts given here.

Ellsworth also started his own show called the “chin-locked” show and uploaded the video on Twitter. Here we can see him getting a participation award from the Miz. We are not sure whether the episode of chin locked is going to continue or not in the future.

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