WWE: Paige and Alberto Del Rio’s family are not happy with their engagement

Paige and Alberto Del Rio's family are not impressed with news of the couples' engagement news.

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Oct 20: It looks like WWE is not the only who is offended with Paige and Alberto Del Rio’s affairs. Both Paige and Del Rio’s family is negatively reacting with the latest installment of the Paige-Del Rio story.

According to Raymond Rafool, the legal advisor of Del Rio’s former wife, Angela Velkei, he is still legally married to his wife.

Paige and Del Rio (image courtesy: Instagram)

The divorce papers have been filed but the process is far from over. Raymond even warned Paige to stay away from the Mexican Superstar who is bad at heart.

Pointing out to the fact that how cruelly he is treating his former wife and his 3 children, Raymond said that Paige should be careful with her actions.

The lawyer recently gave an interview to the Pro-wrestling sheet where he quoted, “Paige should watch carefully how Alberto is denying and treating his current wife and the mother of his children in this divorce. History repeats itself.”

The divorce matter of Del Rio & Angela got into a tougher state since these two has been accusing each other since the beginning.

Angela filed the case of cheating to his husband while Del Rio completely ignored it by filing the charge of 'cruel treatment’ towards him.

Now, Paige has gone down to her knees to propose Del Rio in a recent WWC event and they are now officially engaged.

But, Paige’s family has not liked the decision, too. Paige’s father completely opposed the idea of Paige marrying the Mexican Aristocrat.

Her father commented on Facebook, “I am totally against my daughter marrying that man statement over” to which her brother added, “Hope your ok dad, silly girl. The truth will come out. Stay strong bud, hate seeing my family hurt.”

It is clear with Paige’ family’s words that they are not at all impressed by Paige’s choice who is 14 years older than her.

In addition, Del Rio has a bad reputation of partying for which WWE wanted to keep Paige away from his life. We are yet to see if the wedding bells finally ring in for them.

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