WWE: Cesaro might leave WWE in near future

Written by: Raja
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Since his return, many thought that Cesaro would be pushed to the main event picture but that did not happen.

Cesaro in recent weeks has declared his frustrations over the fact for quite e few times. As a result, he has got this long feud with Sheamus.

Cesaro vs. Sheamus on Raw (image courtesy wwe.com)

This consists of a series of seven matches with the winner getting a championship opportunity in the near future.

Many thought that this series will be a game changer for Cesaro. However, he is now in 1-3 in the series and has to win the rest 3 matches to earn a championship opportunity.

Last night, in the London live event from London’s O2 arena Cesaro managed to pick up a win via roll-up, which marked the first win for the Swiss superman.

The night of the WWE Draft saw Cesaro getting furious over the fact that he is being drafted so late. He also directly blamed Stephanie McMahon for not recognizing a talent like him and picking him on the 6th round.

Apparently the backstage news suggests that WWE is punishing Cesaro by forcing him digest the loss at the hands of Sheamus.

The reports also suggest that Cesaro is definitely going to end up losing the series to Sheamus and this would result in his departure from the company. \

The reason behind this is he still has not renewed his contract with WWE which is going to end in just a few more days. Due to dissatisfaction, he still did not make up his mind whether he would continue to wrestle for WWE or not.

On the other hand, there are still possibilities that WWE is looking to turn Cesaro as a huge babyface once this feud with Sheamus is over.

Hence they planned the early losses for him to gain sympathy. He will bulldoze his way by winning the next 4 matches and will go straight to the main event spot that he deserves for a long time.

One can only hope that a talent like is not wasted like it did in the past. Even WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin has raised the issue to Vince McMahon in his podcast questioning why Cesaro’s push is on hold for so long.

The chairman blamed his lack of mic skills due to which he is not able to connect to the audience much. However, this logic seems unethical when we see a “Cesaro section” inside almost every arena for the Swiss Superman.

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