WWE: Kurt Angle to get his returning match at Summerslam

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, June 4: Kurt Angle should be excited after the first storyline around him kicked off on this past week’s episode of WWE Raw.

He returned to the WWE in the Wrestlemania weekend and the fans always wanted to witness him in some in-ring actions.

Kurt Angle (Image courtesy: wwe.com)

However, that was put to rest for now with WWE giving him the job of the Raw general manager. The chances of seeing him in a match were left upon the WWE doctors. He will only be allowed to compete once they clear him to wrestle.

A positive indication was given to it when a storyline began on this past Monday around the Raw GM.

During the end of a tag team contest, Corey Graves, a member of the commentary team received some texts on his phone upon which he rushed to Kurt Angle’s office.

Upon arriving from the commercial, we witnessed graves standing alongside with Angle reading out the messages.

An anonymous person has questions Kurt’s capability and called him “a disgrace and an embarrassment to the WWE.”

Graves further informed him that he did it to ensure that his job in the WWE remains intact. There are numerous speculations flying around about who might turn out to be this one.

Stephanie McMahon is definitely the one who comes to the mind. The Raw commissioner is off from WWE TV ever since after Wrestlemania.

With this one, she might be intending to be back on TV and get Kurt Angle out of his job much like to the former GM, Mick Foley.

Stephanie’s husband, Triple H is the other one who should be accused of these messages. He is being speculated as the first opponent for Kurt upon return. This would be a renewal of a historic rivalry from the last decade.

Considering the commence of the storyline from now, it is certain that the creative might have in store a match for the general manager at Summerslam, the biggest PPV of the summer.

In case you don’t know, this year will mark the 30th anniversary of the event and WWE will leave no stones unturned to make it a success with bigger matches. It looks like, Kurt Angle is definitely on their blueprint to feature in his returning match at Summerslam.

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