WWE: John Cena comments on Donald Trump controversies affecting USA

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, June 10: Donald Trump has become the 45th president in the history of United States of America. Controversies never left him behind ever since he started his tenure.

Considering his principles towards the Muslims living in the country, he is one of the most controversial personalities in all around the world.

John Cena (middle) (Image courtesy: Youtube.com)

Prior to running for the POTUS, he used to be a business tycoon. He is a very good friend to the owner of the WWE, Vince McMahon.

Their connection goes way back which led to appoint Linda McMahon in one of the most important posts in his Senate.

In case you don’t know, Trump is quite a familiar face for the WWE fans, too. He hosted Wrestlemania 4 and 5 and appeared in the 23rd edition for a 'hair vs. hair’ match against Mr McMahon. Besides this, he appeared on Monday Night Raw for quite a few times.

However, the association was never brought in WWE TV in recent times keeping in mind how controversial he is, these days.

Recently, John Cena has appeared on The Kyle & Jackie O Show where he was asked to weigh on the thus far tenure of Donald Trump and his president run.

Being the franchise player of the WWE he declared that it tough for him to answer it. According to him, Trump has his own ways to express views due to which the Americans always remain vocal towards him.

The Cenation Leader further added that the President sticks to his point which sometimes turns out to be abrasive.

So, when it comes to measuring his success, we have to wait to find out whether his policies would be able to favour the country or not. Check out his full comments here:

“He's already locked up in some controversial business and it certainly doesn't speak proudly for America that the person who sits in the Oval Office is involved in controversy so that's never a good thing.”

“But time will tell. A man's legacy is defined by time. No one pegged me to be where I was in the WWE after a few months. It took years for me to establish the fact that I was going to be where I was. So, we'll see. Time will tell."

John Cena also spoke about his upcoming movie projects on the show like Daddy’s Home 2, The Pact, The Wall, Tour De Pharmacy, The Wall etc. He is set to be back on Smackdown on July 4th once this movie commitments are over.

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