WWE: Goldberg challenged Seth Rollins on ESPN talk show

Written by: Raja
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Bengaluru, Nov 3: Two months back during the buildup for Summerslam, Seth Rollins appeared on ESPN 2 to promote the biggest event of the summer.

In the First Take sports talk show, he commented about Goldberg who was highly anticipated at the said event.

Goldberg (Image courtesy wwe.com)

Rollins was a heel back then and took a shot to Goldberg’s capability saying, "I am a young buck, I am a young stallion. No offense to Goldberg but his day has come and gone.”

Goldberg did return to the WWE and now he is in full form while promoting his mega match at the Survivor Series PPV.

So, he appeared on the First Take hosted at the ESPN 2 where he was shown the footage of Rollins questioning his ability.

Goldberg was fired up after seeing the clip where Rollins claimed that he can beat Goldberg, easily being the young buck. So this is what the myth has to offer for the Architect.

“Hell no I’m not past my prime, Rollins is just trying to get a little rub, which is gonna put him in the hospital. So he better pray to God when I beat Brock [Lesnar] that I don’t have any more in me because his head will be served on a platter.”

Goldberg also declared himself as an “advanced aged man” while referring to “the man” i.e. Rollins. This is not the first time that Goldberg has mentioned Rollins as his opponent. Previously while promoting the video game WWE 2K17, he commented,

“Is Seth Rollins in it? Because he opened his little CrossFit mouth this morning about me. And I don’t know that little guy, and I’d like to introduce him to this [motions his fist]. Because if I think about this correctly, it’s probably the size of his face. So yeah, he’d be the guy I go after. I’d take Brock next.”

As of now, Goldberg is under contract with WWE for only one match. So, his future in WWE is pretty unsure. The match at Survivor Series might turn out to be his send-off match.

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